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Does your story weave into the fabric of a place?

Would you like to join our dynamic consortium of authors of
creative nonfiction and historical fiction?

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It's a literary-meets-tech mash up
With a focus on history, art, and culture!


Time Traveler Tours combine the traditional power of first-person narrative storytelling with the magic of the touchscreen to create portals to the past. They revolutionize the discovery of history and culture for the benefit of youth—and the young at heart—by bringing the very best in interactive storytelling to mobile and tablet devices with the help of a consortium of writers dedicated to the creative nonfiction and historical fiction genres. The are story-driven treasure hunts through time that young people love and parents and educators can count on to accurately highlight the cultural legacy of a site, museum, historic location or destination. They target and are marketed to the educational travel and tourism sectors and are tailor-made to the needs and expectations of today's digitally-savvy youth.

Time Traveler Tales are our tours repurposed and republished across the print, audio, and e-book formats, creating Title Suites that target educational travel and tourism, trade, and school and library markets, thus leveraging the greatest commercial potential from a single tale. In addition, future bilingual and translated editions will serve the language education markets as well as the needs of readers worldwide. And it won't be long before we can produce our tours as Virtual Reality tales as well. Some may even find a home on both stage and silver screen. 

At Time Traveler Tours & Tales...

Our Mission is to ensure that no young person says, “History is boring!” ever again.

Our Goal is to make history accessible where our audiences want it most. 

Our Proposition is to help build your career, while simultaneously
scaling our content library world-wide. It's a Win-Win-Win.


We accept unagented submissions.