The #HistoryHero BLAST (blog and podcast) brings together young people from across the nations to interact with history, story, and each other, while honoring and memorializing the positive ties that bind us.

The #HistoryHero BLAST puts the Story back in History to prove that History isn't just a boring academic subject -- the stuff of dust and cobwebs. History is important. It's the basis of our humanity. It's being made all the time, all around us. It is even being made by us.

The #HistoryHero BLAST remembers and celebrates men and women throughout time and from all over the world whose contributions help make us who we are -- or wish to be -- today.

From the anonymous to the famous, from the everyday to the unforgettable...

The #HistoryHero BLAST honors and recounts the stories of the individuals, past and present, who point the way toward who we may become, as people, cultures, and nations.