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Time Traveler Tours, LLC

Sarah Towle
Founder & Creative Director
USA +302-261-2644
UK +44 (0)7557 141236


"For a digital immigrant like me, Sarah Towle has been an invaluable guide. She is smart, energetic, trustworthy, friendly and diligent. Where else can you find an accomplished author, researcher, educator, public speaker, app creator and marketing trouble-shooter, all in one package? With Sarah clearing a path for you, no need to fear getting lost in the digital wilderness."

Orel Protopopescu, Author, A Word's A Bird


"Sarah morphed quickly from educator to writer to cutting-edge app creator and entrepreneur. Her transformation is as exciting as her digital tales."

Whitney Stewart, Award-winning Children's Nonfiction Author

"Sarah is the real deal – pioneering the way for the rest of us Luddites. Her app is phenomenal and now that I’ve seen the iBook, I can say that it is phenomenal too."

Julie Hedlund, Children's Storybook App Writer and Entrepreneur

"Sarah knows the ins and outs of the digital book world. And you should know what she knows before embarking on your digital project. She's also a gifted listener and communicator!"

Jeanne B. de Sainte Marie, Illustrator, A Word's a BirdContact us. Let's make history together!Contact us. Let's make history together!