Here are a few thoughts of ours on that question...

  • Heroes are brave, but also selfless. They may sprint into danger, putting others before themselves.

  • Heroes are humble. They are also patient. They rarely view their own actions as heroic and don’t expect payback. Many have gone years without receiving the recognition they deserve, if they ever do at all.

  • Heroes are caring and kind, strong but gentle. Indeed, it’s often the small acts of heroism that go unnoticed.

  • Heroes are inspirational. Their actions have a positive impact, whether on one life or on the lives of many. Their stories make you think: in the same situation, I hope I would act like that.

  • Heroes are not just humans. There are some pretty courageous, selfless, inspirational animals whose heroic stories have withstood the test of time. And we bet you already know a few.

  • Finally, heroes are not necessarily well known. Your hero might be your mother, your sister, or great-great-granddad. But we might have to interview you in order to do their story justice.