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Melissa Buron of MAB Media, USA
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Caramie Productions Ltd, UK

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Special thanks as well to:

  • our 55 additional backers who chose "no reward,"
  • the 63 (or so) backers who opted out of being listed here,
  • and the myriad supporters who gave of themselves as
    • rewards,
    • hosts of our live launch events, and
    • who billeted the team when in their town.

We couldn't have done it without all your help!

Jenny, UK
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Margot Atwell, USA
John Carney, USA
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Uniform Tax Rebate

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Nonsensical Jellyfish, USA
The Children's Book Academy, USA





Dan Blank & Sarah Towle Add Additional Reward for ALL Backers of the Time Traveler & Tales #Kickstarter Initiative to #TurnHistoryOn

We made our campaign milestone to raise $35K by the end of our penultimate week. So, as promised, Dan Blank & Sarah Towle will host a complimentary webinar for ALL BACKERS of their campaign. That's EVERYONE, no matter the pledge level.

Thinking of taking your idea to the crowd? In this one-hour webinar, Sarah and Dan will speak directly to the process of mounting a Kickstarter campaign, from inception to completion.

They will:

  • share tips learned on Kickstarter front lines,

  • reveal which strategies worked for our campaign, and which ones absolutely did not,

  • leave plenty time for your questions.

This webinar will be purely educational, just a friendly fireside chat with us, though without the fire (Date: TBD, fall 2015). But it is only open to backers of our campaign.

Please consider a pledge today! Only three days left to join or movement to #TurnHistoryOn!



Let the Countdown Begin! 10 Days to Go -- Emma D. Dryden Announces New Backer Reward Just for Authors

We counted up to the point of our Kickstarter launch; now we're counting down to a hopeful thrilling conclusion with a new post everyday.

Today... we are THRILLED to announce that Emma D. Dryden, TTT&T team member and founder of editorial and publishing consultancy, drydenbks, is offering a new campaign reward.

And it's perfect for authors!!

For only $75 you will receive all campaign rewards at the $25 level PLUS an exclusive selection of five PDFs chock full of Secret Tips You'd Get From a Writer's Workshop Without Attending a Workshop!

Emma will provide you with five handouts she normally only offers to her clients and authors /illustrators who attend her highly-regarded craft workshops. These PDFs include:

  • a Character Interview Questionnaire (& Writing Exercises);

  • a 5-point Scene Checklist;

  • commentary on The Hero's Journey;

  • an extensive world-building worksheet; and

  • What a Synopsis Is and Is Not.

You'll be listed as "Content Producer" in both our StoryAppTour and website. But act fast because Emma's limiting the offer to the first 35 lucky backers.

Click here for more information and to access our campaign...