Launch Team Update #5 -- May 19, 2015

Okay team, this is it!
Launch Day is actually here!

I wanted YOU, my most trusted circle of supporters, advisers, and friends, to be the first to know.

In just a few short minutes, I will be providing you with the link to our campaign page so that you can:


  • Witness the final glorious fruits of Roxie Munro's labor of love.

  • Bask in Candy gourlay's riveting and monumental video production efforts that lie just beyond the black "play" button on Roxie's artwork-turned-cover-page by Team TTT&T Art Director, Beth Lower.

  • Peruse the content copy that's been written and re-written, read and re-read, edited and re-edited again and again by Team TTT&T members Emma D. Dryden, Deb Shapiro, Dan Blank, and yours truly. (I swear we must all have it memorized it by now.)

  • Hear from Mary Hoffman herself in the wonderful video snippet she sent to us specially and we included on the campaign page.

  • See how we expect to make use of all campaign monies raised once we are successful on 26 June!

  • And discover, once and for all (well maybe not, because they will be changing) the sum total of our glorious campaign rewards.

Team TTT&T and I have now done what we were tasked to do.
It's up to you, and the universe, to take over.


Before I pass on the baton (i.e., link) that will determine the future of Time Traveler Tours & Tales, I have a few more people I need to thank, right here, up front and center:

Dear Julie Gribble, There are no words to express my gratitude for all that you have gifted to me and the Team through this process. I'm crying tears of joy just typing about it. I am truly the luckiest person on the planet to have a friend, colleague, and confidante like you.

Dear Beth and Michael and Kelly, I'm so grateful to you for your selfless willingness to step up at the very last minute to help me get to this day and moment on time. Even though some of your contributions did end out on the cutting room floor, please know that every minute of your time and every idea you offered was instrumental to the group's process, a valuable part of the resulting whole.

Dear Lily, Leah, Lauren, Chiara, Robbie, Alex, Jim, and Pieter, thanks for showing up to help as members of the expanded Team TTT&T tonight! See you at the big event!

Now, without further ado:
Your missions, friends, should you agree to accept them...

Those of You Poised to Make a Pledge: Please do so now.
That's the best way to ensure that, like hopeful future Triple Crown Winner American Pharaoh, we leave the starting gate in the lead and we maintain it to the bitter end. It would be awesome to already have money in the bank when the live-stream event launches at 7pm EST tonight.

Join the Event Tonight: If you're not in NYC, or you're here but not available, you can still be with us via live-stream link to KidLit TV, from 7:00-8:00pm EST.

Share the News: Please encourage anyone and everyone to attend the live-stream event tonight. Share this link far and wide.

Help us keep the news alive through the duration of the campaign, 19 May - 26 June. We will be sending you regular swipe copy to add to your Facebook pages and twitter feeds. Here's a good one for today:

Love #history and #digital? Then this is the #kickstarter for you: #TurnHistoryOn

Don't forget to use our hashtag: #TurnHistoryOn

In conclusion:

Friends, my gratitude knows no bounds. Thank you for your encouragement, your presence, and your support. I wouldn't be here -- bleary eyed from lack of sleep perhaps, but hopeful and very, very happy -- without you!

XOXO, Sarah


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