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Youth Participants

Entertainment & Research
Interested in learning about a particular hero? Tap his or her name into the search bar above to see if we've published that story. If we haven't, we will. But first we'll need you to...

Nominate a Hero
Who's your #HistoryHero? Click here to let us know. Feel free to nominate more than one! For a few ideas on what makes a hero, click here.

Include your name with your nomination and where you're from. We'll include a special shout-out of thanks to you on the blog and email you when your #HistoryHero is featured. (Let us know if you'd prefer to remain anonymous.)


The following options are awesome for students looking for cool things to put on college and university applications...

Be Quoted in Print
Tell us in a sentence or two why this person is an inspiration to you. We'll quote on the blog.

Be Quoted in Print & Audio
Send us a voice memo, stating why this person is an inspiration to you. We'll quote you on the blog and include you in the future podcast.

Get Published! Get a Byline!
Submit a well-researched story about your #HistoryHero. We'll give it a professional edit -- another great learning experience -- and include it on the blog. Who knows? We might even as you to be an expert guest on the future podcast.

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Adult participants --
Teachers, homeschoolers, Parents

  • Looking for a way to #TurnHistoryOn?

  • Wishing to immerse youth in history, while also developing research and writing skills? 

  • Dreaming of a more reliable and accessible research tool than Wikipedia?

Because everyone loves a good story, and we all learn best when we'e engaged, the #HistoryHero BLAST is the perfect companion to humanities, social studies, and history course curricula. And we're ready to help you shape it into something uniquely beneficial to you and your young people. Just click the button below. We'll be in touch without delay.


Our mission is to ensure that no young person says, "History is boring," ever again.