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We design and create interactive story-based experiences that youth, parents, educators, and cultural leaders love.
  Click above to view and download a copy of our promotional postcard. Hard copy available on request,  contact us here .

Click above to view and download a copy of our promotional postcard.
Hard copy available on request, contact us here.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get a copy of Buried Alive?
You’ll need an Internet signal, the stronger the better.

  • Open the app store on your mobile device. (Note: Buried Alive was developed for phone and tablet use only, not for computers.)
  • Search for: Buried Alive: Michelangelo's Secret (iOS) | Buried Alive (Google Play)
  • Install, Download, Go!
  • When in doubt, look for Time Traveler Tours and our unique app store icon.

    Note: Buried Alive is a multi-media app, so it will take a few minutes to download. Make sure you have at least 200 Mbs of available space on your device

    Do I have to be in Florence to enjoy Buried Alive?

    No, that’s the beauty of the TTT concept. The story stands alone and you can read and/or listen to it on your phone. So if you’ve just returned home from Florence, are on your way, or hope to get there someday, the story will take you to the Renaissance in your imagination.

    Do I need to know the story before taking the tour? Not at all! You can, of course, read and/or listen to the story before you tour. But if you don’t manage that, no fear! The story and tour weave together. You can wait until you get to Florence to begin. We recommend you listen to the Introduction over breakfast with your travel companions. It only takes a few minutes. Then go! The app will take care of the rest.
    Can I take the tour without knowing the story?

    It’s best if you read and/or listen to the story before you tour, or weave the two together. But you can enjoy the story first, then DIY the tour. Just use the tabs in the footer navigation to access the itinerary route and treasure hunts. The story will weave into your imagination as you go.

    How long does the story tour take?

    It isn’t that long, but it leads you through the doors at five historic locations, which is impossible to do in one day – and I’m not just talking physically and mentally. It’s impossible to hit all the museums in one day because of their limited opening hours.

    We suggest you allow two days – of three leisurely hours each – to do the entire story tour, museums and all. Spend the rest of each day shopping, sipping espresso, ticking off visits to institutions not in the app, eating gelato, people watching, and taking in the extraordinary views.

    If you have only one day in Florence, enjoy the story first, then DIY the tour using the footer navigation buttons.

    Do I need to have an Internet connection to use this app?

    You need neither an Internet connection nor cellular data to use the app, only to download it. However, the global map feature accessed from the navigation footer will only work with an internet or cellular connection.

    Are there any special tools I need in order to enjoy this app?

    Nope. You can use ear buds if you want to. But if you’re traveling as a group, we don’t recommend this. Just huddle together to listen to each story segment. That way, you’ll be in sync with each other and treasure hunting together – and that's the best part!

    How do I replicate your story tour concept in my [city, collection, museum, historic home, etc.]?

    Easy. Contact us here. We have a number of partner and white-labeled projects in construction at present and we’re happy to consider yours.

    Click here to schedule a 30-minute call with Sarah to find out how we work.

    I use a Windows phone. Is the app available for that environment?

    Sadly, no. But if you are likely to have access to Internet or cellular data, contact Sarah here. She can hack you a workaround.

    How do I review Buried Alive?

    We thought you’d never ask. There are two ways. You can do one or – even better – both:

    1) In your App Store: Go back to your app store (see link buttons below). Search for the app as above in FAQ #1. Look for the window to “Rate and Review this App.” Then follow the easy instructions. You can do this from both mobile device and computer.

    2) Take our 5-minute survey and be entered to win Sarah's Five Fave Hand-picked Historic Fiction Fables delivered directly to your device or door. Reply to this message to sign up.

    Michelangelo Smiles

    About Time Traveler Tours

    Time Traveler Tours creates story-driven treasure hunts — both branded and white-labeled — to historic places all over the world. We harness the traditional power of narrative with the magic of the touchscreen to create portals to the past for student, family, and educational travelers. Putting history and culture at the tips of your fingers through compelling, first-person storytelling and context-rich interactive games, we enable cities, museums, historic homes, and nature preserves to highlight their cultural legacy for youth and the young at heart in fun, immersive and engaging ways. Learn how to #TurnHistoryOn with Time Traveler Tours, winner of the World Youth and Student Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation Top 10 Educational Travel App award; participating start-up, pitch@palace 7.0; shortlisted for 2017 Futurebook Book Tech Award:

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