Kickstarting a Books Revolution: The Literary Crowdfunding Boom's, Marta Bausells,
Community Manager for Arts & Culture,
picks Time Traveler Tours' crowd-funding campaign
as the #2 of Top 10 literary projects on Kickstarter!!!

From The Guardian:

As the digital revolution gathers pace, the pressures on writers and publishers only increase. But authors, magazines and independent presses are starting to respond to the challenge of the online world by turning to the internet themselves, reaching out to readers through crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter.

Since launching in 2009, Kickstarter has seen $70m pledged to projects in the site’s publishing category. But recent years have seen the number of successful books-related projects more than double, from 735 in 2011 to 2064 in 2014.

According to Kickstarter’s publishing outreach lead, Margot Atwell, the book industry has lagged behind gaming, technology and design, perhaps because “traditional publishing can be a little conservative and risk averse”. But “lately we’re seeing more authors and high-profile publishers,” Atwell says. “They’re becoming a critical mass and people are starting to notice it more.”


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