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Our interactive mobile experiences are pre-scripted branching narratives and treasure hunts that promote learning through playful engagement. They simulate human interaction through native apps or conversational interfaces (chatbots) supported by such multimedia enhancements as images, audio, video, Q&A, and soon augmented reality. Users are guided through a place by a series of prompts, leading to choices that engage them in a dynamic way, using behaviors now familiar to anyone with a smartphone.

In particular, text-messaging games are perfect for team-building, enlivening and enriching events and exhibits, and for highlighting the stories hiding in plain sight at natural and historical locations. They are faster and less expensive to develop than apps and they are friction-free for the user -- no more messy downloads. They can also play a part in crafting the entire visitor journey, from pulling them to your location, to enhancing their experience while there, to bringing them back at a later date.

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