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It can be a challenge for young people to grasp the distant past
(not to mention get excited about memorizing names, facts, and dates).

But we’ve found a way to make history come alive.

We take you there...
with immersive stories told
by the colorful characters who lived them.

Peppered throughout with

challenges and games,
period illustrations,
and hunts for historic treasure,

our narratives plunge readers into days gone by,
while simultaneously drawing links to today.

Who can resist learning through play?

Our tales are tours through time.
Our narrators, your guides.
We welcome you to travel with them on your preferred format:

  • Mobile StoryApp Tours invite travelers to walk yesteryear’s cobbled streets alongside our narrator/tour guides.

  • Interactive eBooks enable extraordinary people, times, and places to leap from the screen.

  • Complementary Curriculum Handbooks reawaken history’s most pivotal moments within the classroom walls.

  • Print and Audio Books engage the imaginations of time travelers, both armchair and actual.


We Are SO grateful for your support & PARTICIPATION!

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History through Story and Games at the Tips of your Fingers