At Time Traveler Tours & Tales,
we are revolutionizing the discovery of history and culture
by bringing the very best in interactive storytelling
to the mobile and tablet formats.

And now, thanks to our proprietary app publishing platform,
we offer our expertise and experience,
developing educational -- but fun -- interactive media
for youth (and the young at heart),
to cultural organizations worldwide.

Let's make history together!

Journey through the past
in the company of history's most colorful characters
with our StoryApp iTineraries, interactive iTales, and enhanced eTales!




Storytelling is the oldest human art form. Everyone loves a good yarn. And we believe that history is most engaging, most compelling, and most meaningful -- especially for young people -- when told through the voices of those who made it.

Time Traveler Tours interactive mobile apps transform cultural visits and educational travel. Time Traveler Tales interactive books trail blaze a new approach to how history is taught and learned. And our bilingual e- and print books are just a fun way into culture for both armchair travelers and advanced language students.

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Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Behind the Time Traveler Tours & Tales concept is author/educator turned app developer/entrepreneur, Sarah Towle. To help her produce and market the company’s award-winning debut digital suite, Beware Madame la Guillotine, Sarah assembled an ace team.

In January 2014, Team TTT&T joined forces with Ronald Ashri and Bluespark Labs to help build the technical infrastructure necessary to scale the concept worldwide.

Merging thoughtful user experiences with beautiful interface designs, Bluespark builds apps that people love. They are, thus, the perfect partner!

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Want an affordable interactive educational app custom built to highlight the legacy of your cultural institution? We can build it.

Need an attractive youth-focused story-based interactive treasure hunt through your museum collection that is educational, yet fun? We can write it and produce it.

Have an idea for a suite of educational interactive products that you’d like to write for your historic location? Join Team TTT&T!

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